65P - The weatherproof low voltage pushbutton

The replacement for the discontinued Edwards 1786C-B Push Button.

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The Trine 65P is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. They have a neoprene diaphram to protect the integral, long-life, phosphor bronze contact springs, and an additional back plate threaded for 1/2" (13mm) conduit. Edwards has discontinued the 1786C-B push button. Order the Trine 65P replacement from any of Trine's excellent distributors.



  • Completely surface mounted installation
  • Solid brass construction (Available only in Brass)
  • Electrical: Rated for up to 50V AC/DC @ 5 Amps. -- Normally open momentary contacts
  • Conduit back plate
  • Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications, use with the En Series Electric Strikes of real out door rated solutions for your gates and exterior applications.

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1786C-B 65P push button dimensions
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