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2022 Catalog and pricebook.

2022 Trine Catalog/Pricebook (pdf)
** Current starting June 15th 2022 **

Electric Strike Video:  
*New* 4800F fire rated electric strike video

4100 electric strike video

323478F-LC - Fire Rated 3000 series flyer

323478F-LC/323478FX-LC Flyer (pdf)

4100DBDL Flyer - The Split Latch Deadbolt Solution for Mortise Locks

4100 DBDL Flyer (pdf)

4200CC-10B-32D Ad - Two colors, one model - electric strike for cylindrical and deadlatches

4200CC-10B-32D (pdf)

EN400CMRP Sell Sheet - The only real outdoor solution for gates and exterior applications

Low Current Draw Flyer (pdf)

PoE/Low Current Draw Flyer

Low Current Draw Flyer (pdf)

4200 - One Box Solution for Cylindrical and Deadlatch Solution

4200 Sell Sheet (pdf)

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