4800 Series Accessories

Accessory Kits, Extra Spacer Plates, Latchbolt Monitoring

Trine Access Technology does recommend you hold on to all pieces accompanying your 4800 Series electric strike, put in the case of lost or misplaced items the Accessories Kits below are available for your convenience.

Downloadable content:

LB for 4800 series

The LB Option: Latchbolt Monitoring for Surface mounted strikes.

Optical Sensor for detecting bolt engagement with the strike eliminates
the need for mechanical adjustments.
  • IR optical sensor
  • Single pole, double throw, form C Relay, rated at 1-amp at 12-24 AC-DC
  • N/O and N/C relay contacts
  • Module power source 12-24 DC
  • Current consumption is:
      12v:   standby 12.7ma
                activate 22.8 mA
      24v:   standby 19.4ma
                activate 34.4 mA
  • 4800 Series -- No cutting or worrying about voltage means you are always prepared.

Ordering the LB Option:

Add "LB" to any 4800 Series Strike (any finish) to include Latchbolt Monitoring to the unit.

4800F-32D -- becomes -- 4800FLB-32D

Download: 4800 Series LB (Latch Bolt Monitoring) Instructions (pdf)

Removeable Mullion Accessory

MWH-5: Removable Mullion wire harness for use with all 4800 series Electric Strikes.

  • (1) 5' Wire for mullion with male/female connectors.
  • (1) Male Connector.
  • (1) Female Connector.
  • (4) Wire Caps.
  • (1) Wire Tie.
  • (1) Mullion cap.
  • (1) Wire adhesive.

4850-AK: Accessories Kit.

  • (1) Fail safe plunger with spring.
  • (1) Fail safe cam.
  • (6) Trine Patented Anchoring Pins.
  • (1) Wire connector.
  • (2) Wire caps.
  • (2) Mounting screws.

4800-AK: Accessories Kit. (also use for the 4801)

  • (1) Fail safe plunger with spring.
  • (6) Trine Patented Anchoring Pins.
  • (1) Wire connector.
  • (2) Wire caps.
  • (2) Mounting screws.


  • (1) 1/8" Spacer.
All strikes in the 4800 Series come with spacer plates already in the box for those installations that require mounting the strike closer to the panic bar. In addition, the spacer plates can be used as a template during installation. Especially good when installing Trines patented 6-pin anchoring system. You can also order an additional 1/8" Spacer plate using part number 4800-SS Note that all Axion 4800 Series Strikes come with at least one 1/8" plate already.

4850-SS - Now Available

  • (1) 1/4" Spacer.
The 1/4" Spacer that comes standard in the 4850 is now available for purchase seperately. The 4850-SS can be used with ny 4800 Series Strike. For those applications where you need to bring the strike far out from the frame or you just need a replacement plate.

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