323478F-LC Electric Strike

THE 323478F-LC KIT


323478LC the ANSI solution for cylindrical locks and all tight installs.
323478LC the ANSI solution for cylindrical locks and all tight installs.

The fire rated cylindrical and deadlatch electric strike solution.

We made our small, versatile, fit anywhere 323478 kit FIRE RATED. Making it the smallest fire rated electric strike solution that goes where other electric strikes cannot. We've also added the Patented horizontal adjustment feature -- Guaranteed not to move -- to both the small and tall faceplates. This is the "do more" and "cut less" electric strike you've been looking for.

This electric strike contains the standard 478 faceplate with a 1-7/8" ramp - for the kit with the Extended 478X with a 2-1/4" ramp go to: 323478FX-LC Electric strike

323478F-LC Electric Strike Features:

  • 3 Hour Fire Rated
  • GRADE 1
  • 1/8" Horizontal adjustment on both the 478 faceplates as well as the 234 faceplates.
  • 12-24 AC and DC - Surge and Kickback protection included.
  • All solid stainless construction.
  • Includes:
    • One (1) 234-234X Adjustable Faceplate
    • One (1) 478-32D Faceplate
    • One (1) 30LC Fire Rated Mechanism
    • One (1) 478-CCFP (Competitor Filler Plate)
  • Click for the 323478F-LC List Price!
  • Fail-safe - RS - option available. Note; fail safe always voids the fire rating on all electric strikes.**
  • Patented

Compare Cutting:

  • Top: Standard Door Strike Plate
  • Middle: Trines 323478FLC electric strike requires up to 60% less cutting and the 234 requires up to 80% less cutting.
  • Bottom: Their electric strike requires extensive cutting of the frame.

323478LC Electrical Characteristics:

VoltageCurrent/AmpsOhms (Ω)DutySoundWire Color

**323478F-RS - Fail Safe (RS) is not Fire Rated **


This electric strike utilizes an external line conditioner (LC100) module to regulate input voltages, 11-28 AC or DC, and conditions the output for the pull-in activation period. Then reduces holding voltage output for continuous operation and reduced heat. The LC100 provides current and voltage surge protection and kickback protection. LC100 must be used within 15' of the mechanism.

Downloadable content:    
323478F-LC Instruction Sheet     234 Dimensions (pdf)     234 Metal Frame Prep (pdf)
323478F Sell Sheet (pdf)     478 Dimensions (pdf)     3000 Unit Dimensions (pdf)
478 Wood Frame Prep (pdf)     478 Metal Frame Prep (pdf)     234 Wood Frame Prep (pdf)
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