3000 Series Electric Strike Mechanism

EN400 the only UL Outdoor rated and fire rated strike.

3000 with Dimensions

Smallest Electric Strike in the World


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After you pick your Mechanism -- choose a Faceplate!

3000 Mechanism Features:

  • GRADE 1
  • 500,000 + life cycles
  • 1,500 + lbs. holding force (1,200 lbs. for 334)
  • Dynamic Force 70 ft/lb.
  • Solid stainless steel latch and in the device body.
  • Accepts a bolt with a up to 5/8” throw
  • Non-handed Unit (except 458, 478 LO/RO)
  • Fail secure - standard action (unlocks with power)
  • Fail safe - “RS” (locks with power)
  • Mechanism spacers increase cavity depth up to 1/8”
  • Available in 12 or 24 volts DC or with a Line Condition (LC100) which allows 11 thru 29 AC/DC Voltage input -- with surge and kickback protection and continuous duty (use RS for Fail Safe configuration) - must use LC100

3000 Unit Specifications:

  • Grade 1 - All models (except 334)
  • Grade 2 - 334

3012/3024 Mechanism Electrical Characteristics:

ItemVoltageCurrent/AmpsOhms (Ω)DutySoundWire Color

30LC/30RS Mechanism Electrical Characteristics:

VoltageCurrent/AmpsOhms (Ω)DutySoundWire Color

LC100 - (Round unit; Updated in 2010):

This Model utilizes an external line conditioner (LC100) module to regulate input voltages, 11-29 AC or DC, and conditions the output for the pull-in activation period. Then reduces holding voltage output for continuous operation and reduced heat. The LC100 provides current and voltage surge protection and kickback protection. LC100 must be used and installed within 15' of the mechanism.

NOTE: the 'square' LC100's are older units, are all prior to the 2010 upgrade. They do not contain the new features


Piezo Buzzer for “Standard Models” Piezo Buzzer for “LC Models”

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