THE 3478F


3478F - 4-7/8 ANSI heavy duty economic electric strike

THE 3478F Electric Strike

The fire rated 4-7/8" cylindrical solution.

The new 3478F streamlines the heavy duty 3000 fire rated series by offering only one faceplate... the most popular 4-7/8" ANSI.

3478F Features:

  • Tested to Grade 1 Specification for Electric Strikes - Heavy Duty
  • 1/8" Horizontal adjustment on the 478 faceplates.
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  • All solid stainless construction.
  • Three voltage options to choose from:
    • 3478F-12DC
    • 3478F-24DC
    • 3478F-LC - LC100 included
    • 3478F-RS - LC100 included/Fail Safe is not Fire Rated**
  • Patent Pending
  • Not for outdoor Use.


Warnok Hershey Fire Rated Logo
  • Class A, 3 Hour fire rated single door / frame configuration
  • WH recognized for UL10C, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UBC 7-2, Uniform building Code
  • CAN4 S104, Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • NFPA 252 - Issue: 1999/01/01 Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • NOTE: WH fire listing is void when using fail safe action**

Compare Cutting:

  • Top: Standard Door Strike Plate
  • Middle: Trines 3478F Faceplates Require up to 60% less cutting.
  • Bottom: Their strike requires extensive cutting of the frame.


This Model utilizes an external line conditioner (LC100) module to regulate input voltages, 11-28 AC or DC, and conditions the output for the pull-in activation period. Then reduces holding voltage output for continuous operation and reduced heat. The LC100 provides current and voltage surge protection and kickback protection. LC100 must be used - must be installed within 15' of the mechanism.

Downloadable content:    
c     478 Dimensions (pdf)     3000 Unit Dimensions (pdf)
478 Wood Frame Prep (pdf)     478 Metal Frame Prep (pdf)    
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