buy american act

Buy American Act

Effetive Date: January 2023

The Buy American Act and "Buy America" seek to set a percentage of materials, labor, and manufacturing to support America's manufacturing companies and workers.

These Items Comply with the 2024 Requirement of 65% or Greater:

323478F-LC400RP (all sku's)

These Items Comply with the 2029 Requirement of 75% or Greater:

3478F (all sku's)
4200 Series
4100 Series
4850 Series
4800F Series
4100DB/CDBM Series
4801 Series

For designation as Domestic End Product of 95% or greater under "Buy America":

EN400's (all sku's)
EN800 (all sku's)
EN850 (all sku's)
EN950 (all sku's)
EN960 (all sku's)

buy american act

Trine remains committed to utilizing the most American labor and materials as possible while maintaining our market leading pricing advantages.

Download the Buy American PDF

Trine - Buy America PDF

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