THE 4200CC-10B-32D

Dual colored electric strike (includes pieces for a 32D/clear aluminum finish and a dark bronze finish) for use with cylindrical locks and deadlatches. Made especially for aluminum frames, and for use with wood fames

Note: For the 4200 with 4 different faceplates sizes and with one finish color, see: 4200

4200cc-10b-32d electric strike for cylindrical locks and deadlatches
Match the Frame
Electric strikes are best when not seen
Tallest Latch Cavity
Provides maximum flexibility. Be prepared for door sag & other installation issues.
4200 comparison image to competitor strikes for latch height and fasci color

4200CC-10B-32D Features:

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  • The only electric strike to have two different finishes in one box. Allows you to match the two most popular frame finishes -- clear aluminum and dark bronze.
  • Competitively priced - at or lower then competition models of the same class.
  • Tallest Latch Cavity in it's Class - at 2 - 13/16" the 4200 offer's almost twice the latch height compared to the competition.
  • Poe Freindly electric strike - 0.240 Amps at 12DC and 0.114 Amps at 24DC
  • Runs Cool all the time, no need of an external 'pac' to reduce strike temperature under continuous duty.
  • Contains a one piece locking mechanism with one Solenoid -- less parts mean less problems.

4200 Series Electrical Characteristics (Included, no external packs required):

VoltsCurrentOhms (Ω)DutySoundWire Color
12DC0.240 A50 ΩIntm./Cont.SilentBlue/Red
24DC0.114 A210 ΩIntm./Cont.SilentBrown/Red
12AC0.210 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red
16AC0.280 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red
24AC0.420 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red

When removing the connector and using the wires direct; Red Wire is Common, Blue Wire accepts 12DC & 12-16 AC, Brown Wire accepts 24DC.

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