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234 Faceplate

Smallest Electric Strike in the World

For new or replacement installations in metal frames. Use with cylindrical locksets having up to 5/8 throw, based on 1/8 door gap.

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234 Features:

  • The smallest faceplate for the smallest electric strike in the world.
  • Grade 1 - Your ANSI Solution.
  • 80% less cutting of the frame.
  • Modular System: Use ANY of the 9 faceplates in the 3000 series with any 3012, 3024, 30LC or 30RS mechanism. Always be prepared - go modular.

234 Available Finishes

Bright Brass -- BHMA605
Satin Brass -- BHMA606
Dark Bronze -- BHMA640
Satin Chrome -- BHMA651

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