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234 Metal Frame Preperation
Axion Electric Strikes

Frame Preps

Cutout Dimensions for Metal and Wood Frames

Axion Frame Preps

4100 Series Frame Preps
4100 Metal Frame (PDF)
4100 Metal Frame for MLO (PDF)
4100 Wood Frame (PDF)

3000 Series Frame Preps
234/3234 Metal (PDF)
234/3234 Wood (PDF)
234X-375 Metal (PDF)
234X-375 Wood (PDF)
258/3258 for Aluminum (PDF)
258RD (PDF)
334/3234W (PDF)
458/3458 (PDF)
478/3478 Metal (PDF)
478/3478 Wood (PDF)
478X-375 Metal (PDF)
478X-375 Wood (PDF)

EN Series Frame Preps
EN400 Metal (PDF)
EN430 (PDF)
EN435 (PDF)
EN800/EN850 (PDF)
EN900 (PDF) - discontinued
EN900W (PDF) - discontinued
EN950 (PDF)
EN960 (PDF)

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